About Mayfest

In America, we embrace our diversity and celebrate our rich mixed heritage of many nationalities.  Our differences are what make us interesting and what better way to bring us together to enjoy the culinary delights from our origins, drink internationally and locally brewed beer and experience dance in a multitude of forms at a giant international festival this Spring, dubbed “MAYFEST MONTEREY”

This FREE 3 DAY FESTIVAL created for the community at large will occur over the Memorial Weekend, May 28, 29 and 30th from 11 AM – 6 PM at the Custom House Plaza, Monterey Historic Park, located across from the Fisherman’s Wharf.  Attendees can enjoy an incredible array of international food along with a variety of beers such as Firestone (American), Spaten (German) and Stella (Italian) while enjoying nonstop live music provided by Kiki Wow Entertainment featuring bands of all genres to accentuate the international menus including American, Greek, Italian, Mexican, German, Indian and Swiss entrees seasoned with enticing selections of flavor that are certain to appease appetites from these countries.

PosterMayfest2016With over 8000 people expected, this festival is the first of its kind in Monterey, but certainly not the first community festival produced by veteran sponsor Andre Lengacher (Lugano Swiss Bistro, founder of Monterey Oktoberfest) and his partner, Jess Arias (Carmel Print & Copy), local businessmen who are quite skilled in producing annual giant events, such as Oktoberfest, leaving out no detail.  Mayfest is celebrated in other states as a family friendly spring event designed to bring people together for no other reason than to enjoy gourmet international food, beer and local wine.  This great food fest promises to be full of fun energized with the music of great bands like Red Beans and Rice, The Vibe Tribe and The Alpine Trio, to name a few – along with a talent showcase to add variety to the mix.  The community is invited to enjoy a plethora of food, beer/wine, nonstop exceptional entertainment that includes dancers that will weave their colorful, lively footprints throughout the festival.  The public can also enjoy local fruit and flower markets as well as craft vendors to keep the eyes browsing.Attachment-1

Mayfest has something to offer everyone of every nationality and includes local food, beer, wine, performing musicians and bands on stage for 3 days and, of course, outstanding international food and beverages guaranteed to quench the thirst and hunger which reminds one’s taste buds of home.

Admission to Mayfest Monterey is free!

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